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July 3, 2018

Rich Smoker & Kenny Glasgow

Rich Smoker is a master decoy carver who began his journey at a young age when he apprenticed to a master taxidermist. Smoker credits his success in wildfowl carving to his early immersion in taxidermy. He learned anatomy extensively, which enhanced his pursuits in wood carving and creating lifelike reproductions of a variety of birds. Smoker grew up on a tiny...

July 3, 2018

Anna Pasqualucci & Lisa Marie Penn

When painted window screens emerged in East Baltimore in the early 20th century, they took hold through the dedication of a small group of artists in such neighborhoods as Little Bohemia, Highlandtown, Canton, and Fells Point. Often depicting bucolic scenes featuring small, red-roofed cottages, a winding path, and a pond, these pieces of urban folk art splashed colorful life into...

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