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July 3, 2018

Rich Smoker & Kenny Glasgow

Rich Smoker is a master decoy carver who began his journey at a young age when he apprenticed to a master taxidermist. Smoker credits his success in wildfowl carving to his early immersion in taxidermy. He learned anatomy extensively, which enhanced his pursuits in wood carving and creating lifelike reproductions of a variety of birds. Smoker grew up on a tiny...

July 3, 2018

Anna Pasqualucci & Lisa Marie Penn

When painted window screens emerged in East Baltimore in the early 20th century, they took hold through the dedication of a small group of artists in such neighborhoods as Little Bohemia, Highlandtown, Canton, and Fells Point. Often depicting bucolic scenes featuring small, red-roofed cottages, a winding path, and a pond, these pieces of urban folk art splashed colorful life into...

July 3, 2018

Shodekeh & Ian Hesford

One of the world’s oldest and most striking vocal traditions is xöömei (throat singing), from the Republic of Tuva, nestled on the northern border of Mongolia in central Asia. Throat singing is an ancient style of overtone singing in which a single vocalist produces multiple pitches simultaneously, skillfully shaping a melody from harmonic tones arrayed over a continuous low drone....

July 3, 2018

Sebastian Wang & Sanghyuk Park

Rooted in musical forms originally practiced in rural areas by farmers and shamans, samulnori is a centuries-old Korean percussion tradition that today serves as a beacon of Korean culture. The word samulnori roughly translates as “the art of playing four instruments,” a reference to the tradition’s four signature percussion instruments: the changoo (hourglass-shaped drum), the buk (barrel drum), the jing...

July 3, 2018

Mohammadreza Kazemifar & Ali Analouei

Present-day Iran shares its borders and much of its culture with ancient Persia, a kingdom and the center of an empire that stretched from southern Asia to Egypt and north to the Balkan Peninsula. Though the empire fell over two thousand years ago, its musical traditions remain strong, upheld by gifted masters like singer Mohammadreza Kazemifar and his apprentice, Ali...

July 3, 2018

Mama Linda Goss & Dr. David Fakunle

Master storyteller Mama Linda Goss is one of the foremost African American storyteller’s in the country. Co-founder of the National Association of Black Storytellers, she continues a tradition that extends across centuries and continents. Her performances encompass singing, call-and-response techniques, percussion, and even dance. With Mama Linda, it’s never just about the words. It’s about the audience listening to the...

July 3, 2018

Chum Ngek & Suteera Nagavajara

Pin peat is a classical music tradition that has been central to Cambodian cultural identity for centuries. A small orchestra comprised primarily of tuned gongs and drums, pin peat accompanied highly controlled, stylized dance dramas that were prominent in ceremonial life in the royal court of Cambodia. Homrong, a subgrenre of pin peat, is typically played immediately prior to a...

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