Wally Yater_PC Remsberg, Inc

Blacksmith Guild of Western Maryland

blacksmithing Boonsboro, Maryland
Photo Credit: Remsberg, Inc.
Wally Yater_PC Remsberg, Inc

Erin Aylor (photo credit: John Canan of Mountains & Rivers Media)

The Blacksmith Guild of Western Maryland was founded by master blacksmith Wallace M. “Wally” Yater. Wally discovered his passion for working with hot metals in college. Relocating to Boonsboro in the early 1970s, he began developing his blacksmithing skills, and also studied under bladesmith Bill Moran. Wally is known for his popular swage block—an anvil-like, 120-pound block used for shaping hot metal. He was awarded a 2013 Maryland Traditions Achievement in Living Traditions and Arts Award by the Maryland State Arts Council.

Joining Wally is blacksmith Erin Aylor. Erin’s lifelong pursuit as a maker has led to periods of intensive study, from Appalachia to Switzerland. For nearly two decades, he has worked in blacksmithing on his farm on Catoctin Mountain in western Maryland.

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