Kausik Das

rangoli Delmar, Maryland
Photo Credit: photos courtesy of artist

Oishani Das making rangoli.

From their home on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Kausik Das and his family express their heritage in West Bengal, India, when they create rangoli. Derived from a Sanskrit word meaning rows of colors, rangoli is a Hindu art form several thousand years old. It is drawn by hand, using either powders made from grains soaked in natural colors or flower petals, which are sprinkled on cleaned and dusted floors to create intricate, colorful designs—typically at entrances to temples, altars, or houses during religious festivals as well as for decoration during weddings, births, and other auspicious occasions. Kausik Das traces this tradition from his distant ancestors to his grandparents and parents. Now, he and his wife, Archita, are teaching rangoli to their children, Arya and Oishani.

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