Robert Clarke-PC courtesy of artist

Robert Clarke

juggling and magic Boston, Massachusetts
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Robert Clarke-PC courtesy of artist

Boston street performer Robert Clarke has perfected his trade performing in some of the most well-known venues in New England and beyond. He has the uncanny ability to captivate both young and old with his fun-filled, laugh-out-loud interactive family show. Specializing in juggling and magic, Robert’s talent and sense of humor keeps audiences on the edge of their seat, waiting for his next trick with a sense of joy and expectation.

Street performance and busking traditions date back millennia, having likely existed as long as there have been cities with streets. Robert was introduced to the tradition as a teenager on Cape Cod, when he began studying with the Suspenders, a local juggling group that has been an institution since getting its start accidentally in 1984, when the Falmouth Library booked them for a show. Apprenticing with the Suspenders, Robert honed his juggling, magic, and comedy skills, learning the right combination of technical skill and story required to craft a compelling routine.

While in his 20s, Robert worked a full-time job while performing around the Cape on weekends. Local events like the Mashpee Commons Street Performers Festival let him brush shoulders with other street performers polishing their craft. By 1997, he had made his way to Boston where he started entertaining audiences at Harvard Square and the famed Fanueil Hall Marketplace, a venue renowned worldwide for its strong street performance tradition. Performing seven days a week for rotating crowds of locals and tourists was a crash course in boosting his interactive skills, crucial to any street performer, as well as his understanding of how to work crowds of all ages.

In 2001, Robert was invited to perform at Huis Ten Bosch, one of Japan’s largest theme parks, for 18 weeks. He was asked back in 2007 and 2008, and since then, he has added Singapore, Canada, and much of the United States to his resume. 

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