Urban Artistry 3 photos

Urban Artistry

popping Silver Spring, Maryland
Photo Credit: photo courtesy of artist
Urban Artistry 3 photos

Urban Artistry, founded by dancer Junious Brickhouse (a past master artist in the Maryland Traditions Apprenticeship Program), is dedicated to art forms inspired by the urban experience. Group members teach a variety of vernacular dance, sharing the history and culture of these sometimes fast, sometimes acrobatic, and always elegant and amazing dance styles. Popping emerged in African American neighborhoods in San Francisco in the 1960s as dancers created several dance forms using the concept of a “dancing robot.” Mechanical movement is prominent, with additional influences ranging from James Brown and the Nicholas Brothers to cartoons, pantomime, and Rufus Thomas’s “Funky Robot.” Today popping is popular worldwide, from informal battles to annual world championships. Attend one of Urban Artistry’s demonstrations to learn the basics of popping!

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