Los Hermanos Herrera

  • son jarocho and son huasteco
  • Fillmore, California

United by the bonds of family and music, Los Hermanos Herrera are comprised of six siblings, sometimes joined by their dad and an uncle. Embracing Mexico’s rich musical heritage, the group brings a fresh, youthful exuberance to the performance of a variety of regional styles, including son jarocho and son huasteco.

Son jarocho is a distinctive style of folk music from the state of Veracruz on Mexico’s Gulf Coast. It is the signature regional genre, noted for poetic, improvisatory call-and-response lyrics and compelling rhythms; “jarocho” refers to the people and culture of Veracruz’s southern coastal plain. Son huasteco hails from La Huasteca, a six-state region along the Gulf Coast that was the site of the ancient Huastec civilization, a pre-Colombian Mesoamerican culture. The genre is characterized by lush poetry, soaring high falsetto vocals, and highly ornamented violin variations. Each style has a centuries-old provenance; each grew from the entwining of musical elements drawn from the Spanish colonists, enslaved Africans, and indigenous peoples. By the latter half of the 19th century, the styles were celebrated as emblems of Mexican culture.

The Herrera siblings get their love of music from their father, who plays with his own brothers in Conjunto Hueyapan. By the time each sibling turned three, their father had begun teaching them how to hold a harp or guitar and play a few chords. The members of Los Hermanos Herrera appearing at the festival this year are: oldest brother Jorge Andres on requinto, jarana, and violin; Luis on jarana and huapanguera; Juan on jarana and guitar; sister Rebeca on jarana; their father Jorge on harp; and their uncle Tomas on requinto.

Los Hermanos Herrera have performed to great acclaim throughout the U.S. and Mexico. This young group has already received the “Sol Poniente,” a lifetime achievement award in Amatlan, Veracruz, for their work as ambassadors of son huasteco.

Beyond music, all six siblings have established themselves as well-rounded scholars. All received their Bachelor’s degrees from UCLA, with Jorge Andres and Luis continuing their studies there—Jorge Andres is working on his Ph.D., and Luis received his Master’s degree. Miguel and Juan earned their MBA from USC Marshall School of Business.

Through their music, Los Hermanos Herrera have raised over $100,000 for the community and participated in countless fundraising and community service events that benefit children and those in need.

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