Pan Franek, Zosia & the Polka Towners

  • polka
  • Muskegon, Michigan

With their vast repertoire of polka classics, infectious enthusiasm for their Polish heritage, and distinctive twin fiddles—an instrument once common in Poland’s mountainous regions—Pan Franek, Zosia & the Polka Towners are beloved by fans of traditional polka music nationwide.

Growing up in Muskegon, Michigan, Frank Piotrowski was captivated by the traditional music he heard at the Polish Hall; his father arranged accordion lessons for him at age eight. Frank launched the Polka Towners while still in high school. On a trip to Poland in 1980, he met his future wife, Zosia Gasior, who was raised in a singing family of 15 children from Brzesiny. Frank and Zosia’s band includes their five children: Kristine and Andrea on twin fiddles, Kristopher on drums, Erika on vocals, and their youngest, Simon Peter, on concertina. Friends Jim Fusik (saxophone) and Larry Olsen (trumpet, guitar) complete the band.

In addition to touring throughout the Upper Midwest and performing at polka festivals nationally, the Polka Towners are known for the “folk mass,” their lovely liturgical services for Roman Catholic churches and polka lovers of all denominations. They also regularly lead pilgrimage tours to Poland, sharing their abiding love for their homeland’s culture and heritage.

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