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Maryland Traditions Folklife Area & Stage

81st National Folk Festival – Archita Das making rangoli

The Maryland Traditions Family Folklife Area & Stage at the 801st National Folk Festival celebrates and showcases the rich, living traditions of Maryland—from its Atlantic beaches to the Appalachian Mountains. The area shines a spotlight on the distinctive music, rituals, crafts, occupations, foodways, and other traditions at the heart of Maryland heritage, expressing both the state’s deep history and its evolving character.

Performances, demonstrations, displays, exhibits, and narrative presentations by Maryland master artisans and performers explore a wide range of cultural traditions, including those of its First Peoples, the cultural legacies of European settlers, and the expressions of the newest Maryland residents whose cultural roots come from around the globe.

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Maryland Traditions Family Folklife Stage Performers will be announced June 2022

Maryland Traditions Family Folklife Area Demonstrators will be announced June 2022

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